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"The personal statement is a crucial part of the application
process and can make the difference as to whether
you are offered a place or not". De Montford University.





Why Use Us

Our UK and American Oxbridge-educated editors are so highly trained that before joining us some held positions in admissions department for top universities, including Oxford.  We are the experts.

Helping you get into uni is our aim. Our Oxbridge-educated experts have a proven track record of success.  We are mindful that it is increasingly difficult for universities to distinguish between candidates on grades alone. This is why we believe your personal statement can be the single most important aspect of your application. Our underlying aim is to provide you with a personal statement that will exceed your expectations. 

Every customer that buys our editing service walks away with:
1. A powerful introduction that captures the readers’ attention straight away.
2. Clear, engaging practical reasons of why you wish to go to university.
3. Bright fresh thinking themes running throughout the personal statement.
4. Creative, objective, and specific paragraphs that connect with each other.
5. A conclusion that is bursting with positive verbs.

Unlike other providers, we demonstrate our unique and high quality of work on our website. View samples of our editing work by clicking here now.