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Tackling The Personal Statement

Only one thing is more important to a university admissions officers than an applicant’s accomplishments; admissions officers want to know the individual behind those achievements. For this reason, an effective personal statement is essential to gain admittance to your school of choice.

For some degree programs, the personal statement is crucial. The best advice for a prospective student is: write for your reader and use a clear form of English by avoiding slag, repetitiveness, pomposity, academic complexity and obscurity.

Top universities are looking for more than high grades or even academic achievement. They want students who are knowledgeable and passionate about their desired field of study and who possess a vision of the future. To compete with thousands of other impressive candidates, you must write a personal statement that is clear, concise and polished. What’s more, it must offer a glimpse into your distinctive goals and the path that has led you to them.

A compelling personal statement can give you the edge you need to set yourself apart from the crowd. Therefore we have created subject focused writing guides to help you write your way into university.

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