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Business / MBA admission - Unedited

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David Ogilvy got me interested in advertising, but it was Lester Wunderman who got me interested in business. An academic record can state a lot about a person’s character. A high academic record shows discipline, determination, and responsibility. However, an academic record does not show the struggles in a student’s life that can dramatically hinder the student’s performance. In my life, I have had many obstacles to overcome and experiences to learn from. My struggles in life have gained me strength and empowered my determination for success.

While at school I went through a two-day procedure and was physically incapable to meet all of my physical education requirements. I became emotionally distraught and found my focus on all my classes fading. I missed a lot of school because of my emotional state and psychiatrist appointments. I learned from this experience and promised myself never to put myself in that type of physical and emotional stress. I worked out my inner issues and continued to excel in school achieving straight A grades in my GCSE’s.

From school I moved onto working in Norwich Union Insurance. My first position was a sales advisor, answering and making telephone calls and generating insurance quotes. After one year I did not feel challenged and thought it was time for a new start and moved to the travel section to become a Travel Executive. In this position I dealt with customers one-to-one and was responsible for the distribution of insurance certificates. I never enjoyed this job as it was very repetitive and mind numbing. There wasn’t much of a challenge in this position and I love being challenged. After two years service at Norwich Union I felt it was time to look for a better challenge and career and decided to apply to University to study my dream subject, business.

In June 2002 I graduated with Honors and achieved a first class degree. After six months in a graduate Management Trainee job I knew I wanted to complete an MBA. The graduate job provided key skills such as analysing accounts, value stocks and understanding a companies financing decisions. During 2003 I learnt how to write business plans, model businesses and carry out statistical tests. I'm familiar with the concepts behind strategy, marketing and operations and wish to expand these on the MBA program.

What do you hope to achieve in the future?

As to the future, in five years time I will be either standing in the board rooms of the world’s greatest companies and helping them solve their key challenges, or I will be working on my own newborn business.

I will be able to do this because an MBA will have equipped me with the broad understanding needed to address specific issues accurately. It is my hope that a MBA from Manchester Business School will provide me with a chance to do more than learn. It is my hope that a tutorial system will allow me to challenge, to push my tutors as hard as they push me. It is my hope that the tutors will provide avenues through which I can pursue my ideas about the relationship between the real and virtual worlds. It is my hope that in a multi-disciplinary environment I will find the kind of stimulating and provoking atmosphere that supported me through my first degree.