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Dentistry - Unedited

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Dentistry is a subject I have become interested in through personal experiences. This includes having orthodontic treatment myself and through discussions with friends that are undergraduate dental students. My interest in dentistry has been furthered through work experiences I have undertaken, which has given me an insight to many branches of Dentistry. The strong practical element is what especially draws me. I enjoy using manual skills to network and build computers. This requires operating in a small space within a computer cache using tools in a delicate environment.

I have shadowed two dentists in general practice for a month, both offering NHS and private treatment. I have also gained experience in two hospitals. Firstly with my orthodontist for two weeks in Queen Mary’s where I learnt to make dentures. The other being for a couple of days in Orpington’s Oral and Maxillofacial department. All dental shadowing was done this Summer. Furthermore I attended dental lectures in a Medisix course held at Nottingham University. It was evident to me that there is a common thread of skills running through the people working in all dental environments. These include close teamwork, leadership and excellent communication skills.

My ability to communicate with a variety of people from different age groups and social backgrounds has developed whilst voluntarily working in a disabled people’s home, and a primary school for three months each. I realised that it is of the utmost importance to use a different vocabulary for adults, children, and persons with a nervous disposition. With children I had to communicate on a simpler level which put them at ease. Contrastingly, with adults I could be more formal and explain things at a more advanced level. In the disabled people’s home, methods of communication were more varied as it depended on the condition of the resident.

My other interests include reading, travelling and most sport. Particularly cricket which I follow regularly and play for my school team. I frequently train in martial arts, being brown belt karate and winning bronze prize in a national competition. I love to sing and intend to develop my voice in the future, as well as having a general liking for all music. Finally, I have attained gold certificates on three occasions in the National Mathematics Challenge.

I am aware that the course is demanding and requires continual adaptation to new advances. Despite this, I know that dentistry is a profession in which I will flourish, as I am dedicated and possess excellent interpersonal skills. I feel that these skills will be an asset to me as a future dentist.