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Engineer - Edited

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For as long as I can remember, computers and other electrical devices have fascinated me. Whenever I encounter such an item, I seek to understand every aspect of its operation and immediately begin adapting it to my own specifications.

Because of this sustained interest, I have an extensive history working with electrical objects. As part of my design and technology AS coursework, I have designed and built a retractable telephone cord. To complete this process, I composed a two-step plan of action. First, I wrote a computer programme. Next, I designed and built a printed circuit board so that the telephone cord automatically retracts into the telephone, thereby saving space, reducing clutter, and improving safety by reducing the number of wires around the telephone. Because I fully planned and executed this project, I acquired substantial knowledge of circuits and programming. I also had the satisfaction of seeing one of my own ideas transform into an innovative, fully functioning final product.

My interest in this field extends far beyond the requirements of my coursework; I have also worked on my own electrical engineering project during my spare time. For this project, I fitted light systems onto my car, connecting them to the main battery and building a remote control to operate the lights. To complement my studies and outside projects with intensive engineering experience, I have undertaken work at an engineering company in Cambridge. During my weeklong project, I got to experiment quite a bit, welding and using lasers and chemicals to work on a variety of materials.

Although electrical engineering constitutes my primary pursuit, I lead a life of varied interests, with music serving as a particularly rewarding hobby. In my spare time, I play the piano and keyboard, earning a grade five level in theory and grade three at piano. I routinely play by ear, working out songs that I have heard on the television or radio, and I enjoy composing pieces on my synthesiser. I have also begun to learn jazz piano songs requiring extensive improvisation.

True to form, I have even found a way to integrate my engineering interests into my musical activities: I often set up the lighting and speakers for my friend's mobile disco.

In pursuing a degree in the electrical engineering program, I seek to advance my knowledge of electrical systems and perfect my personal engineering skills. I have established the strong academic foundation necessary for success, excelling in A level courses in maths, physics and design technology. Through my intensive schoolwork, hands-on work experience, and prolonged personal interest, I have demonstrated my considerable commitment to electrical engineering.