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Engineer - Unedited

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I am especially interested in electrical engineering because I find being able to understand ars, computers, and other electrical items and being able to adapt them to my own specifications particularly satisfying. My choice of A level subjects, maths, Physics and design technology are a good preparation for a degree in electrical engineering.

As part of my design and technology AS coursework, I have planned, designed, and built a retractable telephone cord. This involved writing a computer programme, and designing and making a printed circuit board so that the telephone cord automatically retracts into the telephone, saving space, making less clutter, and making the area around the phone safer as there are less wires around the place. I found learning about circuits and programming extremely enjoyable and I gained great satisfaction from seeing the final product of an idea which I had developed.

I have also used my spare time to work on my own electrical engineering project. This has involved fitting light systems onto my car, connecting them to the main battery and building a remote control to operate the lights.

To develop my interests in, and knowledge of engineering, I have undertaken work experience at an engineering company in Cambridge. I was able to participate in the work and I spent the week stressing different materials, welding and using lazers and chemicals to work on materials.

In my spare time, I play the Piano and keyboard. I am grade five level in theory and grade three at piano. I enjoy working out how to play songs by myself, which I have heard on the television and radio, and sometimes making my own songs on my synthesiser. I have also started to learn jazz piano songs where you have to compose part of the piece yourself. I combine my musical and engineering interests by helping to set up the lighting and speakers for my friends mobile disco.

In sum, I have a strong interest in, and commitment to, electrical engineering, demonstrated through my schoolwork, work experience, and personal interests. I believe that I would take full advantage of the opportunities offered by a degree in electrical engineering to increase my knowledge of electrical systems and my personal engineering skills.